Dynamic Intraday Trading Program

By Terence Teoh on 20th May 2014 in Courses
Intraday Trading means that you will open and close a trade within the same trading day.

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You just need to trade about 1-2 hours per day upon US market open (and you don’t have to do this every day). 4 times a month is sufficient depending on your availability. You will learn how to generate 2% to 5% return per day on your total account capital following strict money management. This means about 8-20% per month based on just 4-5 trading days.

Course Pre-requisite

  • Completion of Swing Trading program.

What you will learn

  • Intraday trading.
  • Pairs Trading & Smart Hedging.
  • Portfolio Hedging.

How you will benefit

  • Compound Your Money Faster
    •  Trade opportunity almost every night.
    •  Take advantage of interim good/bad news in the market.
    •  Ability to trade Expensive Stocks and yet follow risk management rule – due to tighter stop loss.
  • Day trade with no over-night risk.
  • Ability to trade in High Volatility Environment.
  • Ability to make money even when you are wrong on the direction with hedging.

Also included in your program

  • Face-to-face Coaching sessions with our team of professional traders to hand-hold and fast track you to succeed.
  • Unlimited Re-sits to Workshops & Coaching sessions.
  • Personal Trading Plan to help you manage and achieve your financial goals.
  • And more… ask us!


“It has been a good journey after attending the trading course. Though it’s only a short 1.5 months of trading journey, I would say that it’s an interesting and comfortable trading experience (bull market probably help with journey) compared to other instruments that I’ve put my hands in. I’ve achieved a 58% gain on my capital while following money management rules. Sincerely thanks all of you for the whole hearted coaching and support.” KY Sou, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.