Employee Provident Fund (EPF) raised the minimum savings target to MYR 240,000 by the age of 55 for a basic retirement.

Percentage (%) of EPF Members Achieving The Basic Savings Threshold

(min. of MYR 240,000 at Age 55)

(EPF has more than 14 million members as of Nov 2021.)

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting a large portion of Malaysians and more people are making early withdrawal to ease their financial hardship. It is truly a blessing if we are not impacted, and are still on the way to meet at least the minimum threshold.

However, by meeting the minimum saving target, this means a retirement income of only MYR 1,000 per month for the next decades... to maintain your standard of living.

Money is undergoing devaluation; The cost of living is rising rapidly;

Do you think this sum is enough?

Even if you may have set aside an adequate portion of your assets for retirement, it may well remain insufficient if you have not factored in changes such as cost of living or inflation.


If your retirement starts at

55 years old

the average life expectancy is

75 years old

This would mean that, you need to sustain yourself for at least 20 years without a job.

Without proper financial planning – it is nearly impossible to retire comfortably in the next decades. In fact, most Malaysians aren't well prepared for retirement.

So, are you on track for your retirement?

Find out whether you can retire comfortably at your desired age with our Retirement Calculator now!