The Financial Market Multiverse Workshop

Unlock the Right Financial Assets to grow your wealth strategically

Get answers directly from professional investors & traders with 38+ years of combined experiences.
No more guesswork!


  • You are overwhelmed with all kinds of financial markets training out there that tells all kinds of “this is the best” stories.

  • You are confused about how one financial asset is different from another, for example - Stocks vs Virtual Assets.

  • You are unsure whether investing or trading in the financial market is something worth pursuing to grow your wealth.


  • You want to find out which financial assets suits you the best - in terms of starting capital, time commitment, risk appetite, personality and etc before you put effort into it.

You must make time for this workshop

to clear all your doubts in 2 days.

"Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing." - Warren Buffett

It’s time to get out of the fog, and get clarity on how you can achieve your financial goals.

Not tomorrow.

Not next year.

Without clarity...

You may continue on with procrastination;

You may take on an asset that doesn’t fit you;

You may fail and give up on investing/trading;

But when you have the clarity...

You can start taking action;

You can make an informed decision;

You can pick the best for yourself and persist;

So how do you get clarity?

You could read through any good financial markets book.

Or you could do a search on Google, watch Youtube or follow people on social media.

But what happens when you have a burning question half way about your situation?

What if you get lost in the jungle of information without a tour guide?

What if you spent days and weeks researching but are still confused?

How do you make sure that the information you gather is right for you and actionable?

We’ve been through the journey and we want you to get it right with this 2 days workshop.

Get on a ride with us into the

"Financial Market Multiverse" to discover...

  • What forms the financial markets and how they work.

  • What are the differences between various financial assets.

  • The difference between long term investing, mid term, short term and day trading.

  • The proven framework to approach the financial market systematically.

    So that...
  • You can decide whether investing and trading in the financial market is something that you are after.

  • You will know how to choose the right financial asset that fit your current situation.

  • You will be able to reduce your learning curve and maximize your success.

The Financial Markets Multiverse
Live Online Workshop*

1 & 2 April 2023 | Sat, Sun

1:30 pm - 6:00pm

*The workshop will be conducted via Zoom.

Ticket Price





You'll get:

  • Access to 2-day workshop.
  • 14-day unlimited replay for Financial Market Multiverse Workshop.
  • Bonus: Q&A with Kathlyn.

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You'll get:

  • Access to 2-day workshop.
  • 14-day unlimited replay for Financial Market Multiverse Workshop.
  • Bonus: Q&A with Kathlyn.

(All price shown is inclusive of 6% SST.)

Meet Your Trainers

Kathlyn Toh

Chief Trainer of Beyond Insights

Kathlyn is a professional trader and investor who earns her wealth from investing and trading in the US & global equity markets. She started her stock trading journey in the KLSE stock market way back in 1993 and US Stock Market in 1997. She have experienced the full cycle of the Bull Run, the market crash, after crash recovery, the sideway markets and the high volatility markets which gave her great experience in adjusting her strategy depending on the market conditions.


Senior Trainer of beyond insights

Koot is a Senior Trainer at Beyond Insights who started earning his wealth from the US market in 2015. After completing his courses with Beyond Insights, he took up the coaching and training responsibilities and has been coaching over 1,000 students in the foundation programs since 2017. Outside of trading and investing, Koot identifies himself as an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys hiking, biking, and even astronomy! 

ABOUT Beyond Insights

Beyond Insights was founded in 2008 on a mission to bring out the best in people and their financial future. We offer a comprehensive curriculum to create financial success through stock market investing and trading. We have trained more than 5600 people from all walks of life in their journey to take up stock market trading and investing as a source of wealth.

We strive to deliver an excellent quality of education and provide a learning environment that is authentic, supportive and inspiring.


Is this workshop suitable for beginners?

Yes. This workshop is for beginners and it will guide you systematically on how you can select what's the best asset for you.

This program is also for you even if you have experience investing in other financial products. You will learn about various financial assets and how you can also capitalize them. 

If I purchase a standard ticket first, can I upgrade to VIP ticket before the event?

Yes, you can contact us to upgrade your ticket 5 working days before the event starts.

What can I expect after going through the workshop?

You will gain a better understanding of the different financial assets, and the considerations on choosing which is best suitable for you to achieve your financial goals. 

I bought a VIP ticket and noticed that there is a 14-day unlimited replay, how does it work?

As a VIP ticket holder, you will receive 14 days of unlimited replay access to the Financial Market Multiverse Workshop. This means that you can re-watch the workshop content as many times as you need within the 14-day period, allowing you to review the material, take additional notes, and deepen your understanding of the concepts presented.

Access to the replay will be granted to you via email within 5 working days after the workshop, so you can start revisiting the content at your convenience and get the most out of your VIP ticket.

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