July 3, 2021


This Tuesday, 6 July 2021 at 11 a.m, our founder Kathlyn will be interviewed alongside En. Taufiq Iskandar, CIO of Penjana Kapital, to provide insights into the US stock markets during the virtual launch of MIDF Invest, a new online investment platform. Click here to register and watch the virtual launch live via Zoom REGISTER

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Our founder Kathlyn is featured in MIDF Invest Virtual Launch event

June 22, 2021


Would you like to learn how to navigate the financial markets from more than 20+ trading experts?Kathlyn Toh, our Founder and Chief Trainer will be speaking along side these world class mentors at the Trading World Summit from Jul 26th to Aug 1st 2021. During this summit, you will: Discover the critical trading knowledge that every trader needs

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Kathlyn Speaking Along Side 20+ Other Trading Mentors on Trading World Summit in July 2021

January 31, 2021


How will America, Biden, and Covid (A.B.C.) affect the global stock market this year? Are there any opportunities to take advantage of? Tune in to hear from Kathlyn Toh, Founder of Beyond Insights, and find out what her take is of the A.B.C. effect on the global stock market this year.

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Our founder Kathlyn Toh interviewed on Malaysiakini about the A.B.C. effect on global stock market 2021

December 25, 2020


On 23rd December, 2020 – Beyond Insights Sdn. Bhd. was announced the winner of Malaysia SME100 Awards 2020 under the fastest moving businesses of the SME sector. The SME100 Award is the premier regional awards for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). The Awards identify and recognise SMEs based on a basket of quantitative and qualitative

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Beyond Insights announced the winner of Malaysia SME100

December 17, 2020


Beyond Insights received the “Made for The World” International Award from Niagatimes.com with the support of Top 10 of Asia publication. The award is introduced to appreciate the contribution of economic heroes to the business industry, especially their commitment to help generate national income during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Beyond Insights is “Made for the World”

November 28, 2020


Would you like to learn how to navigate the financial markets from more than 20+ trading experts like our founder Kathlyn Toh from the comfort of your home? Join 20+ world-class traders at the Online Trading Summit 2020 happening during the week of 11th to 19th December 2020.You can claim your free ticket here.During this summit,

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Our founder Kathlyn Toh will be featured in Online Trading Summit 11-19 December, 2020

November 12, 2020


Creator: SAUL LOEB/AFP | Credit: AFP/Getty Images As Joe Biden prepares to transition into the White House, we list the ways his policies could potentially affect the stock market according to industry. TechnologyFor four years, the Trump administration has accused social media companies of being biased against it.  While this will ease under Biden, companies like

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How Biden’s win will affect the stock market – by industry

October 24, 2020


Dato James Foo and Maverick Foo of Authority Institute spoke to our founder Kathlyn Toh on 10-Oct-2020 about how she looks at business in the year of 2021, as we all hope to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.  Click here to watch the interview.  Kathlyn considered herself fortunate to have experienced the full cycle of

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20 Most Important Business Questions to help you Kickstart 2021

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