Smart CFD Program – Compound your Money Faster

By Terence Teoh on 20th May 2014 in Courses

Speedometer - Rising Profits Successful BusinessYou will learn Powerful Day Trading, Pairs Trading, Smart Hedging Strategies using Contract for Difference (CFD) to accelerate your capital growth while having good protection.

You just need to trade about 1-2 hours per day upon US market open (9:30pm-11:30pm) (and you don’t have to do this every day). 4 times a month is sufficient depending on your availability. You will learn how to generate about 10-30% return per trade per day or 2-5% return per day on your total account capital following strict money management. This means about 8-20% per month based on just 4-5 trading days.

Course Pre-requisite

  • Completion of Power Investing program.
  • Completion of Power CFD program.

What you will learn

  • Intraday trading.
  • Pairs Trading & Smart Hedging.
  • Portfolio Hedging.

How you will benefit

  • Compound Your Money Faster
    •  Trade opportunity almost every night.
    •  Take advantage of interim good/bad news in the market.
    •  Ability to trade Expensive Stocks and yet follow risk management rule – due to tighter stop loss.
  • Day trade with no over-night risk.
  • Ability to trade in High Volatility Environment.
  • Ability to make money even when you are wrong on the direction with hedging.

Also included in your program

  • Face-to-face Coaching sessions with our team of professional traders to hand-hold and fast track you to succeed.
  • Unlimited Re-sits to Workshops & Coaching sessions.
  • Personal Trading Plan to help you manage and achieve your financial goals.
  • And more… ask us!


“It has been a good journey after attending the CFD course. Though it’s only a short 1.5 months of trading journey, I would say that it’s an interesting and comfortable trading experience (bull market probably help with journey) compared to other instruments that I’ve put my hands in. I’ve achieved a 58% gain on my capital while following money management rules. Sincerely thanks all of you for the whole hearted coaching and support.” KY Sou, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.