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Weekly Stock Chart Review Service Subscription

Kevin Hoi talking about technical charting


  • Be able to ENTER your trades CONFIDENTLY knowing that you have done your analysis in the correct way?
  • Get help in identifying the Key Support and Resistance for the Stocks on your watchlist?
  • Be clear about the Overall Market Trend with help and confirmation from your coach?
  • Get confirmation in spotting Trend Reversals and Potential Breakouts?

This service is for you!

On a weekly basis, our Senior Coach will go through selected stocks in our Top 15 Star Stocks list to show you:

Technical Analysis
    • Overall Market Trends and opportunities from  our Star Stocks list.
    • Potential trend reversals.
    • Price breakouts interim vs. key support.
    • Resistance - next level of support.
    • Resistance - Essential price pattern.

The review session will be posted as a video every SUNDAY so you can prepare for the week ahead.
And here's a brief of what you will actually experience during the session, where our Coach will review stock charts with you.  
(Click on the Expand icon at the bottom right corner of video to view in full screen)

How Online Weekly Chart Review videos can help you make better trading decisions from Beyond Insights on Vimeo.

4 more Reasons Why this is Effective for you as a Trader or Investor

We will be very focused on technical review with the charts only, we won't be taking about strategies, fundamental analysis or the platform.

The sessions will be conducted in a way that even beginners can find it easy to understand and follow.

Our Trader Coach will be using real time chart so you get timely information.

The session will be relevant to you - whether you are an Investor or Trader, whether you are trading in Stocks, CFDs or Options.

I have been subscribing to this service over last 2 years. I found that this service is particularly helpful especially for the beginner. I saw my TA improved well after subscribing to this video..

Ong Lee Cheng 
Professional Traders Program graduate

I always look forward to the weekly trade reviews where I can learn new things on technical chart analysis. I also like your comments on the psychological aspect behind the price movements which provides better understanding on stock market. All these help to build my confidence in trading.

Donald Teh 
Professional Traders Program graduate

I see there is a smooth and clear flow of the agenda. You start up with overall market perspective , some touch on TA/FA elements as how to do or look for ( eg the volume indication). There is a review of past stocks pick and new ones . I like the way the analysis is done on weekly chart and draw down to daily chart. That helps me to see the pattern clearly though I am not well versed in technical knowledge . 

Kala Dey 
Power CFD program graduate

Many thanks Kevin for the wonderful weekly chart review. I managed to take the profit (4x) from FDX and ROST this week. 

YeapShen Ng 
Professional Traders program graduate

Helps me to see what I did not notice in the chart previously. The weekly review will help to get better practice in identifying the Support & Resistance, & potential points of entry, exit (stop loss & profit taking). Keeping to the set time for this Review sessions, ensures I definitely have an additional hour looking at the charts with an expert handholding us.

Megan Ang 
Professional Traders program graduate

We have 3 SUBSCRIPTION PLANS for you:​


Renew Every Week.

  • RM 129.00 PER MONTH*
  • Auto charge WEEKLY.
  • You can cancel anytime.**

RM 32.25 /  WEEK


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subjected to 6% SST

* Based on a  4-week month.


Renew Every Month.

  • RM 89.00 PER MONTH*
  • Auto charge MONTHLY.
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RM 89.00 / MONTH


Price quoted above is
subjected to 6% SST​

* Based on a  4-week month.


Renew Every Year.

  • RM 69.92 PER MONTH*
  • Auto charge YEARLY,
  • You can cancel anytime.**
  • Best value!

RM 839.00 / YEAR


Price quoted above is
subjected to 6% SST

* Based on a 12-month year.

** Terms and conditions apply.

Terms & Conditons of use:

  • This offer price is given to to only online subscribers using Paypal.
  • Your credit card will be charged by Paypal on a periodic basis according to your Subscription Plan.  
    For example - if you are subscribed with the Monthly Plan your credit card will be charged monthly.
  • You will receive an SMS notification every week (usually SUNDAY evening) when the video of the week is released.  
    The SMS contained the link and password to access the video.
  • There will be NO REFUND once the subscription is paid. Please choose your subscription plan carefully.
  • ** You can cancel anytime. After cancellation, there will be no more charges made to your credit card in the future and you
    will be stopped from receiving the SMS immediately - 
    There will be no refund if you cancel before your subscription ends.
  • To change subscription plan you need to cancel the existing one and subscribe to a different plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there any other payment options other than PayPal?
    Paypal provides the easiest solution to facilitate the monthly automatic charges on your credit card, otherwise there will be a lot of effort for us to do that manually and that adds unnecessary cost to service.  However, we still accept manual payment (i.e. you can pay by direct bank transfer) if you wish to subscribe with the Yearly Subscription option. 
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    Just follow instructions here to cancel your subscription. Please note that once you cancel your subscription in PayPal, you will stop receiving the videos so please time your cancellation, i.e. if your subscription is to be renewed on the 15th of July - you should cancel on 14th of July if you still want to receive the video that is coming on 13th of July.
  • When and how will I receive my first video?
    The videos are normally released on SUNDAY evening so you will have the weekend to view the video and prepare for the week ahead.  You will receive an SMS with the link and password to view the video.  You should receive your first SMS on the coming SUNDAY IF you subscribe BEFORE FRIDAY 12PM NOON.  For example, if you subscribe on Thursday - you will receive your first SMS on Sunday.  However if you start your subscription on a Friday evening - you will receive your first SMS the week after, on Sunday (9 days later).  
  • What if I don't get the SMS?
    Please email us at with the following details:
    1) Your full name
    2) The name and email of your PayPal account (you might be using someone else's PayPal account?)
    3) The date you subscribe (or include your receipt in the email).
    4) Your mobile phone number - just in case we have your old number in our records.

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