Highly recommended by a friend who is a Beyond Insights student. Proven success.

Chin Yeaw, Teoh 

06 Mar 2021 session

I have read and follow up some news update on BI's presence as credible financial educators and Kathlyn's track record provides the confidence to be part of BI's network.

Christine L.

06 Mar 2021 session

Kathlyn spoke clearly in layman terms that I can understand. Her transparency and willingness to share her life and knowledge I respect. Her presentation is laid out fact by fact.

Katherine Yap

22 Mar 2021 session

The overall presentation came across as honest. Also, I have zero investing / trading knowledge, I am very grateful for the opportunity to learn from those who have a passion to teach. Thank you for doing what you do.

Daren Fernandez

30 Jan 2021 session

Kathlyn impressed me with her simple, structured and articulate way, educating us on having that 'purpose' of starting our investment earlier through learning it in a safe manner.

Chew Pei San

30 Jan 2021 session

Beyond Insights has a proven systematic method, with good manpower support.
Kathlyn is very attentive and serious in her sharing.

Johnny Yap

09 Feb 2021 session

Beyond Insights seems mature with many years of experience, so it gives me the confidence. As stock market to me is deemed risky, but its the only way for financial freedom.


10 Jan 2021 session

A friend recommended the program to me. I like it that there is no marketing gimmick, everything was presented upfront, and Kathlyn’s sincerity.

Celeste Ong

10 Jan 2021 session

It gives clear insights to secure successful investments & beyond. No wonder it's beyond insights.

Chinakaran Manikam

10 Jan 2021 session

From the webinar, I was convinced with the methodology and strategy, although it is "expensive" to me, but I believe it is worth to pay!

Eddie Ooi

06 Dec 2020 session

Beyond Insights has good reviews online and established market presence/ track record.


19 Dec 2020 session

I trust Kathlyn and I can sense that she is truthful in helping and educating people.

Chong Yeong, Chua

19 Dec 2020 session

My parents recommended Beyond Insights to me for the purpose of gaining better understanding of financial, stocks and trading management.

Shi May, Long

06 Dec 2020 session

I've heard positive feedbacks from a few other friends who have attended the courses with Beyond Insights.

Evelyn Lim

06 Dec 2020 session

I think this is the best seminar that I have ever join.  The way Kathlyn teach that is very easy to understand.  For the first time I watched and listened full seminar.

Taimur Iqbal

06 Dec 2020 session

I like the way Kathlyn speaks, it is very important how she carries messages to people who don't know about investment and make it simple to understand it.

Sue Teh

18 Oct 2020 session

I have zero knowledge on how to invest and the 3-hour webinar convinced me that this is the right place to start learning. Also, there are experienced coaches on hand to guide participants.

Ruzanna Suleiman

01 Nov 2020 session

Beyond Insights has a track record in training. Kathlyn's message was very personal, honest and genuine.

Alex Lee

01 Nov 2020 session

It is systematic. Easy to understand, very suitable for beginners like me.

Jaclyn Choo

18 Oct 2020 session

I strongly believe this seminar will be able to help me to archive my goal of having a consistent passive income continuously.

Richard Tan

18 Oct 2020 session

Recommended by a trusted friend but I didn't make the move to explore further till I saw Kathlyn on YouTube. She came across as very quietly confident and sincere.

Alyssa Lee

18 Oct 2020 session

The education programs provided by Beyond Insights on investing and trading, coupled with support for their students are hardly matched by other financial education providers.


20 Jun 2020 session

Everything is clearly explained in a way that is very easy to understand. Most importantly, I can feel the patience and sincerity behind them to teach and guide us. 

Megan Soo

20 Jun 2020 session

The presenter, Kathlyn is very professional and has vast knowledge in trading.

Md Yusoff Tapri

05 Jul 2020 session

Kathlyn has a lot of experience which makes it worth following and learning from her.

Larry C.

30 May 2020 session

The content of the seminar and the way it was delivered by Kathlyn was grounded and realistic.

Mei Shean

30 May 2020 session

I understand there is a good, big support team and individual attention will be provided to the students, to ensure they understand and can benefit from the course.


20 Jun 2020 session

The part where she compared the overall global market with the Malaysian stock market had enticed me to explore further on my current interest in stocks!

Joe Lin

11 Apr 2020 session

Kathlyn is good in her presentation. I love that she is not far-fetched in what she presents and promises. I also gained a lot of insights on stocks and trading.

Chen Tsi

19 Apr 2020 session

The way the seminar was run, the quality of the information shared and support from coaches were impressive! It assured me that Beyond Insights is the one for me and what I was looking for.


19 Apr 2020 session

Beyond Insights is a good training ground with many experienced coaches. The staff are very responsive to the questions we pose.


11 Apr 2020 session

It's an eye opener on the global market! I gained some valuable knowledge and principles on approaching the share market.

Eugene Tan

11 Apr 2020 session

I realized that we can earn an income no matter whether the current economy is good or bad. There's no need to wait.

I like the idea of protecting capital as this is important. The sharing is sincere and resonates with my needs.

Adam Lim

11 Apr 2020 session