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Sharing from Power Investing Graduates

Sharing from Power Investing Graduates


Beyond Insights Investment and Trading Education - What did our Graduates say?

Trading for Consistent Success 2012 - Graduate Testimony

Trading for Consistent Success 2010 - Sharing by Participants

  • "Since, my last coaching session with you, I have been making some good recovery on my trade but more important I was able to manage my risk/reward ratio (as advised by you) as well as my emotion (this one was causing havoc previously!). This has resulted in consistent recovery and I am extremely excit ed with the progress. I really look forward to be able to do well consistently in the future."
    ~ George Tan (Kuala Lumpur) on Coaching Services
  • "It was a great experience. Brought some realities on trading for me and put the whole thing in perspective. I also gained va luable insights into myself."
    ~ Md Ikhram on Trading for Consistent Success Workshop
  • "I really liked the computation of success rate based on the risk reward ratio. It gives me confidence in trading to filter less rewarding trades or taling lower position on less than optimal risk/reward ratio. This workshop has helped to strenghten some positive aspects of my trading habits and chan ge non-supportive habits."
    ~ Tan Hai Liang on Trading for Consistent Success workshop
  • "It is very important that everyone who wants to be successful in trading learn about this. It is unfortunate that all the courses out there don't touch on this which is why so many people failed in trading."
    ~ Gooi Mong Ling on Trading for Consistent Success workshop
  • "After this workshop, I am determined to change some wrong trading habits, committed to writing a journal, do 100 demo trades on each strategy. I feel that if I can commit to this, I can trade successfully."
    ~ Fong Ju-Li on Trading for Consistent Success workshop
  • With knowledge I have gained in Fundamental and Technical Analysis, complete with the strategies to trade CFD, I am confident that I will be successful in trading.
    ~ Wong Siu (Kuala Lumpur) on Power CFD program
  • The course is very good for newbies and even experienced traders who want to review and refresh their fundamental knowledge. Extremely important for budding traders to start here. I also like the fact that there are many follow up coaching sessions. This makes it very different from many other courses that just teach you and leave you. Also very many chances to ask questions and follow up.
    ~ Nicholas Leong (Kuala Lumpur) on Power CFD program
  • "It has been a good journey after attending the CFD course. Though it's only a short 1.5 months of trading journey, I would say that it's an interesting and comfortable trading experience (bull market probably help with journey) compared to other instruments that I've put my hands in. I've achieved a 58% gain on my capital while following money management rules. Sincerely thanks all of you for the whole hearted coaching and support."
    ~ KY Sou, Graduate of Power CFD workshop
  • "Thank you to Kathlyn and Nigel, actually what I learn from this workshop is not only for trading, it's also applicable to my daily behaviour, my career and everything. It brings new meaning to me."
    ~ Selena Chan on Trading for Consistent Success workshop
  • "Eye Opener for me in screening stocks, very methodological. Excellent value for money."
    ~ Abu Zarim Malik on Power Investing workshop