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The Art of NLP: Breaking Limiting Beliefs For Investing

By Terence Teoh on 20th May 2014 in News

In the latest instalment of the Art of NLP, Andreas speak to Terence Teoh, who is the director of Beyond Insights. Terence is also one of Asia Mind Dynamics’ NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Master Coaches.

Even before he joined Asia Mind Dynamics and their training, he already explored the power of the unconscious and conscious mind by attending trainings organised by Anthony Robbins.

It is Beyond Insights’ belief that when it comes to trading, it is not about intelligence. In fact, trading is really about character – discipline, commitment, persistence and desire to create a meaningful life with wealth.

In this session he explains how Beyond Insight works on the limiting beliefs of their participants as it comes to money, investment and wealth.

It is his belief that limiting beliefs can sabotage success.

Examples of these beliefs are “money is the root of all evil”, “rich people are corrupt” and “money doesn’t grow on trees.”

While consciously, we might attempt to become wealthy, limiting beliefs that operate at a below-conscious level prevent us from reaching this goal.

It is the mission of Beyond Insights to train and coach people to apply the right mindset,  psychology and be in control of their emotions when it comes to investment and trading.

And, as he describes it in a very nice short metaphor, it doesn’t always need to be a major change that we need to bring about in our life to make major changes, but the small changes, that make a difference in the long term as well.

Aside of talking about trading, Terence also shares how he and his wife, Kathly Teoh, used NLP in managing their relationship and how, after the class with Asia Mind Dynamics, he pursued his goal of working with children and their mindsets.

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