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Intraday trading, also called day trading, is buying and selling of stocks or other financial instruments within the same day, so the positions are not kept overnight.

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Why Intraday Trading?

  • Create instant results from the market with no overnight risk.
  • More choices of entry patterns that gives you more trading opportunities.
  • You can also OPTIMIZE your entries and exits for Swing and Trend trades and improve overall profitability.


Dynamic Intraday Trading

Prerequisite: Trend Trading

What will I learn?

  • Find intraday trades setup with high probability of success.
  • Advance trading patterns and tools such as Fibonacci retracement, Relative Strengths.
  • Advance Price Action Observation for early entry/exit to get a better price and hence better profit.

What will I get?

  • 3 full day’s of Live Online Workshop.
  • 6 sessions of Live Online Tutorials where you get to trade live with Kathlyn
  • BI Exclusive Intraday Trading Template.
  • Intraday simulation that provides real market experience.
  • Setup guides for trading tools such as Thinkorswim (TOS).
  • Step by step Process Map.
  • Online Support Forum (1 year access).
  • Online Resources (1 year access).
  • Unlimited Refreshers (admin fee applies).

Am I ready for Dynamic Intraday Trading ?

It is best to have at least 25 paper / live trades on Swing / Trend Trading before you join the Dynamic Intraday Trading program. This is to ensure you are familiar with the foundation strategies so that you can get the best out of the upcoming learning.

Upcoming Intake

Dynamic Intraday Trading

(Tentative Schedule)

26 MAR 2022 (SAT) | 9:30am - 7:00pm

27 MAR 2022 (SUN) | 9:30am - 7:00pm

09 APR 2022 (SAT) | 9:30am - 7:00pm

How our Graduates Benefited

Jessica managed to grow her portfolio by 5 times of her starting capital within 1.5 years. Her secrets to success is...

Jessica - Full Time Trader

Looi took about 1.5 years to grow his trading account from USD 3,500 to $40,000. But this is the important point - he did 800+ paper trades...

Looi - Full Time Trader

Dynamic Intraday Trading will help to improve your Swing Trades by 50% to 100%...

Falah- Full Time Trader

Course Fee


Intraday Trading

Prerequisite: Trend Trading

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<MYR 421*/month

by 24 months installment.

All price shown above is inclusive of 6% SST.

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Why should I enroll Dynamic Intraday Trading (DIT) with Master Trader Bootcamp (MTB)?

We highly recommend all students to join MTB especially Intraday Traders. Trading psychology is one of the key component that drive a trader in their decision making. As an Intraday trader, you will be making rapid trading decisions as you are doing day trading. Traders who understand trading psychology can avoid making bad and costly decisions based on emotions. 

Should I start with Dynamic Intraday Trading (DIT) or Options Trading?

If you have recently completed Swing & Trend Trading, the natural progression path will be Dynamic Intraday Trading.

If you already an experienced trader, then you can progress to either courses.

The class will be conducted Online or Face-to-Face?

All the workshops and tutorials will be conducted Online through Zoom. We will keep you informed when the Face-to-Face classes resumes.

If I cannot make it for the upcoming intake, can I join the next one?

Your enrollment is valid for 24 months from your enrollment date. If you unable join the upcoming intake, you can inform us to defer your enrollment to the next intake.

If you have last-minute changes and unable to attend to the workshop, you must inform us 5 business days in advance to postpone your workshop to the next intake. For postponement requests less than 5 business days, there is a last-minute postponement fee to defer you to the next intake.

You can inform us by email to support@beyondinsights.net or WhatsApp us.

Is there a recording provided?

All the workshops and tutorials are live sessions.

We do not provide recording for workshop. You will benefit the most by attending the live workshop yourself. For tutorial, the recording will be uploaded in Online Learning Portal (OLP) within 2 business days.

When I will receive the OLP access for the course materials?

The OLP access for your course will be opened 2 months in advance before the course starts, after you have confirmed your attendance and complete the balance payment of your course.

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