In-Person Seminar Happening In Jaya One, Petaling Jaya

Discover The Complete Framework for Sustainable Results in the Stock Market even with Volatile Market & Uncertain Times

Investing/Trading is a necessity now if you want...

  • To beat the inflation.
  • To build a financial safety net for yourself.
  • To grow your wealth or money.
  • To make your money work for you.
  • To continue generating income after retirement. 

Venue: Jaya One, Petaling Jaya

We can help you to get started safely with...

A Systematic and Repeatable Process Designed for

Beginners and Experienced Trader / Investor.

Join Global Investing & Trading Made Simple and find out...

  • Why investing or trading is one of the BEST VEHICLES to achieve your financial goals.
  • How to PROTECT YOUR CAPITAL or return when unexpected things happen.
  • How to MULTIPLY YOUR RETURN by 3 to 5 times using a leverage, safely.
  • How we can HELP & SUPPORT you on putting thoughts into REAL ACTION - a short sharing of our paid course if you are ready to take the next step.

This event is for you IF...

You are NOT looking

for quick wins

Just like everything else in life, it takes effort and time to learn to be good at something. This is the same to achieve consistent results in investing and trading the stock market.


to learning

You want to have control over your own financial success. You are eager to learn and understand how to manage your money and investments instead of depending on others do it for you.

You prefer FOLLOWING a proven systematic way

Instead of depending on random or unreliable tips, you prefer to follow a proven system that can be repeated and allows you to start growing your wealth - just like following a step-by-step baking recipe.

What Makes "Global Investing & Trading Made Simple" Different?

Global Perspective

If you are not investing/trading globally, you are missing out a lot of opportunities.  You will discover why investing in the global stock market can become "common sense" and why people who had invested in global companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Meta were able to get consistent returns.

Comprehensive and Complete

There are many strategies to invest/trade in the stock market and yet there is no "one-size-fit-all" strategy. The best strategy depends on your personality, time availability, experience and capital available. The complete SVS framework will be revealed to you in this seminar and we believe it can help you get a head start in the stock market.

Wealth Management Perspective

Many people do not have a realistic perspective of investment returns, and many don't even realize the criticality of investing/trading and how it relates to financial security and financial independence.  This seminar will give you the insights and inspiration you need, to take action.

Real Experience and Track Record 

You will learn from a professional investor & trader with many years of market experience, traded through the major financial crisis, and a track record to show.

Past Attendees Say


Taimur Iqbal

" I think this is the best seminar that I have ever join. The way Kathlyn teach that is very easy to understand.  For the first time I watched and listened full seminar. "


Katherine Yap

" Kathlyn spoke clearly in layman terms that I can understand. Her transparency and willingness to share her life and knowledge I respect. Her presentation is laid out fact by fact. "


Adam Lim

" I realized that we can earn an income no matter whether the current economy is good or bad. There's no need to wait. I like the idea of protecting capital as this is important. The sharing is sincere and resonates with my needs. "

Speaker Profile

Kathlyn toh

A professional trader who earns her wealth from investing and trading in the US & global equity markets.

Kathlyn started her stock trading journey in the KLSE stock market way back in 1993 and the US Stock Market in 1997. She then pursued Options trading in Jan 2005. Since then she has traded actively in US Stocks, Options, Currency and Commodity Futures.

Her comprehensive and genuine training style has helped Beyond Insights earn the title of “Most Preferred Financial Educator” at Invest Fair for all 3 times we participated in the poll (2014- 2016). This was voted by the public who attended Invest Fair amidst stiff competition. In 2020, Beyond Insights received the "Made for The World" International Award and was announced the winner of Malaysia SME100 Awards under the fastest moving businesses of the SME sector.

Kathlyn herself was nominated Woman of the Year (for Finance & Commerce) by The Malaysian Women's Weekly magazine in 2013. Her continuous success and achievements as a female Entrepreneur has also led her to receiving the Women of Excellence Award 2021/22, under the Lifetime Achievement category.

She is very passionate about coaching people on trading psychology based on her personal journey managing her own psychology in trading.

She has been training Malaysians on how to take advantage of the stock market to grow their wealth since 2008 and continues to do so passionately.

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Why is the seminar free?

We organize these events for 2 reasons: to spread the message, and to recruit new students. There will be actual content shared in the session to show you how you can manage the investment on your own. Near the end of the seminar, we will briefly touch on the next steps to take if you would like to go further with us in your investment journey. This is optional and you can leave at any time.

I would like to recommend this seminar to a friend or relative who needs to hear this, what should I do?

Sure! You can help to reserve a seat for them with their personal details and email address, or simply share this page for them to register themselves. This is important because the webinar reminders will be sent out through email and WhatsApp.

What kind of courses do Beyond Insights offer?

We offer the most comprehensive education in financial market investment and trading you can find in Malaysia - we cover the width and depth of subjects like growth investing, fundamental & technical analysis, swing trading, trend trading, intraday trading. We also teach how to use leverage instruments safely. Most importantly we also cover trading psychology, and we are still the only one in Asia to hold a trading psychology Bootcamp.

How is Beyond Insights different from the others that offer education in stock market investing and trading? 

The courses and programs we offer will give you the best chance of success because of the following distinctions:

Most experienced coaches. Our programs are facilitated by a team of full-time investors and traders who invest and trade for a living, with many years of experience in the financial market. That means you will be taught by people with real experience and actual results, who are doing it because they actually love teaching and enjoy imparting their knowledge to you.

Most complete curriculum. Because of our experience, we offer the most comprehensive education in financial market investment and trading you can find in Malaysia - we cover the width and depth of subjects like growth investing, fundamental & technical analysis, swing trading, trend trading, intraday trading. We also teach how to use leverage instruments safely. Most importantly we also cover trading psychology, and we are still the only one in Asia to hold a trading psychology Bootcamp.

Most effective support. Having trained and coached for around 5,000 students in the South East Asia region and we know what it takes for students to succeed. We understand that every individual is different and will face different challenges in their learning process - e.g. time constraint, ability to use a computer, learning capacity. That's the reason we provide coaching sessions after you complete every workshop, to make sure we are there to guide you every step of the way. But that's not it - even after you complete the workshop and coaching sessions, there are still student gatherings, revision sessions, and online learning sessions to help you keep the learning and momentum going, and to take your success to the next level.

How can I contact the Beyond Insights if I have any questions about the event?

You can contact us through any of the channels below:

Operation Hours: Monday -Friday | 10am - 6pm (excl. public holidays)

 About Us

Beyond Insights was founded in 2008 on a mission to bring out the best in people and their financial future. We have a passionate & dedicated team of trainers and coaches who have coached nearly 5500 students in their journey to take up stock market trading and investing as a source of wealth. We have trained people from all walks of life – business owners, financial controllers, accountants, doctors, stock brokers, full-time traders, housewives, college students and even retirees or a person who is planning for retirement. All trainers and coaches are investors or traders themselves, who practice the strategies that they teach.

We are the pioneer of Investing & Trading Psychology Boot-camps in Asia and we offer a comprehensive curriculum to create financial success through stock market investing and trading. We are committed to provide the Most Complete Education with the Most Experienced Coaching Team and the Most Effective Support you can find in this region. Our commitment has been recognized in the public with accolades such as Top Financial Training Company 2013 Award by Top 10 Magazine Malaysia, Most Preferred Financial Educator 3 years in a row from 2014 to 2016 when we are participating in the Invest Fair Malaysia, "Made For The World 2020" International Award and the Malaysia SME 100 Award 2020 under the fastest moving businesses of the SME sector.