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Power Options+ Program – Powerful Profit Multiplier

By Terence Teoh on 20th April 2014 in Courses

Options is one of the most powerful financial instrument that enable you to make money from the movement of Stocks/Indices in any market direction. When used the right way, it enables a high success rate with lower risk.

What you will learn

  • How to best use Options for
    • Directional trading with limited risk and unlimited return.
    • Protection.
    • Income generation.
  • Money management using Options.
  • How to create and manage your trading plan.
  • How to use the broker platform, step by step.

Course Pre-requisite

  • Completion of Swing Trading program.

 Also included in your program

  • Face-to-face group coaching sessions with our team of professional traders to hand-hold and fast track you to succeed.
  • Unlimited Refresher to Workshops & Coaching sessions.
  • Trading Plan to help you manage and achieve your financial goals.
  • And more… ask us!


“I’ve been trading live for the past 2 months, I think it’s not difficult to make a minimum of 2 to 3% a month, so in a year it’s 24% a year.  If I can trade better and do well, probably I can do even more.”  Leslee Ng, Sarawak, Malaysia.


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