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Educate yourself with the most complete curriculum in stock market investing & trading, plus receive the most effective support from a team of experienced coaches.

Award Winning Investment & Trading Education

Many people who want to invest and trade in the stock market have no idea if they’ll be profitable in the long-term, or even how to get started.

At Beyond Insights, we’ve developed a complete and systematic curriculum that has helped our students build their wealth gradually. Our founder, Kathlyn Toh created this system based on more than 30 years of market experience and has taught over 6500 students since 2008.

Making Stock Investing & Trading Systematic, Safe and Sustainable, since 2008.


Mining Engineer

I really respect the personal attention that the coaches give to each and every individual attending the class, it's brilliant!


IT Officer

“Investing is difficult, but Kathlyn has designed the program in such a way that anyone can do it."


Commercial Planner

“The 3 steps is simple for me to follow. I had thought it was very complex before, but after attending this workshop it is much simpler.”


Global Investing & Trading Made Simple

You can find out more about our prorietary SVS framework and the 4-Step Formula to generate profit in the global stock market from the comfort of your home. Register for our upcoming session below!


Our Promise

We strive to deliver an excellent quality of education and provide a learning environment that is authentic, supportive and inspiring.


Most Complete Curriculum

We have the most complete curriculum in stock market investing and trading. Our programs cover various strategies like long term investing, short term Swing and Trend trading, as well as Intraday trading.  You can also learn about leverage instruments like CFDs and Options and how to use them safely.  As you progress, you can also learn about how to improve your performance through insights in industry chains and macro factors.  Plus - we are the first in Asia to have a bootcamp in Trading Psychology!

Most Experienced Coaches

We now have a team of 30 trainers and coaches who practices the strategies that Beyond Insights teaches.  The experience of our team allow us to provide a high standard of coaching and support to our students.

Most Effective Support

We understand that on-going support is crucial to your success because you can only gain experience outside the classroom!  We provide hands-on tutorials to make sure you know how to execute what you have learned.  You will be using BiTS (Beyond insights Trade Simple) web application to plan and verify your trading decisions to make your trading process so much easier and error free!  You will be also supported by our coaches with the online support forum.  The best thing is ... you can repeat your program unlimited times!

Whether you’re looking for a system that works or just a way to get started, we have the program for you! 

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