November 24, 2022


A poll we did recently has shown that more people prefer Mutual Funds to ETFs.Mutual Funds (in Malaysia most refer it as unit trusts) do seem easier to get into than ETFs. But, when we take other factors into account, is it really much better?Let’s take a look at the comparisons between them – do take

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How are Mutual Funds and ETFs different?

November 21, 2022


We are soft-launching a new course, Investing Made Simple with ETF – the simplest course for busy people to get started in the stock market! What is Investing Made Simple with ETF about? It is our very first lifetime Self-Paced course where you can learn at your own pace and practice with live monthly group tutorial

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[NEW COURSE] Investing Made Simple with ETF

October 27, 2022


Join tonight’s webinar hosted by Rakuten Trade where the speakers will deep dive into everything you should know about NYSE / NASDAQ in the coming months and some useful short-term trading strategies. Get insights on: Upcoming Opportunities and Risks on the U.S. markets Short-Term Investment Strategies Technical Stock Picks ​Click “GOING” to get notified.​ 27

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Join our founder Kathlyn Toh in U.S. market outlook webinar with Rakuten Trade

October 22, 2022


Now that a lot of great stocks in the market have come down to bargain levels, the question on top of many people’s minds is… How do I know the market is recovering?As far as the U.S. market is concerned, there are 5 things we look at.1. Inflation related indicators continue to trend down. 2.

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How to know when the market is recovering?

September 30, 2022


I thought it was impossible until it is done. THE GIFT I received a Lego set for my 49th birthday from the awesome team at Beyond Insights… who seems to know what I need before I knew it. (They are really awesome)It was the Lego Technic series – The Batman – BATMOBILE™ 42127 And the set

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How a Lego set taught me about the importance of CLARITY in anything we do…

July 27, 2022


Our founder Kathlyn Toh will be speaking at RakuTalk today at 8pm, be sure to tune in!Posted by Beyond Insights Investment & Trading Education on Tuesday, July 26, 2022

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Our Founder Kathlyn Toh speaking in RakuTalk today

June 21, 2022


On 21st June, 2022, our founder and Chief Trainer Kathlyn Toh received the official nomination for Malaysia Influential Educators. Malaysia Influential Educators (MIE) is a recognition given to the outstanding educators who have achieved excellence in education services by demonstrating their strong acumen and talent. They are the selected role models in the industry, who

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Our founder Kathlyn Toh nominated for Malaysia Influential Educator

January 20, 2022


Wrong question. “Uncertainty is the only certainty there is” really hits home with the stock market, you can never be quite sure what is around the corner. Rather than becoming anxious about the uncertainty, better questions to ask yourself would be “Am I prepared to handle 2022?” and “What can I do to proactively anticipate

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Will the stock market go up or down in 2022?

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