March 29, 2023


Join us on to explore the Financial Market Multiverse on 1-2 April 2023.  IF… You are overwhelmed with all kinds of financial markets training out there that tells all kinds of “this is the best” stories. You are confused about how one financial asset is different from another, for example – Stocks vs Forex. You are unsure whether

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Explore the Financial Market Multiverse

March 23, 2023


Female empowerment is a crucial topic across the globe, from workspace to education, social issues and politics. To show our support for this cause, we’re dedicating 5% of our foundation course proceeds to Women of Will (WOW) in the month of March 2023, in conjunction with the International Women’s Day. WOW is a remarkable organization that

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Empowering Women, Empowering Communities

March 14, 2023


Written by Terence Teoh “What is the difference between being effective and being efficient?”That’s a question that our consultant asked our team just a few days ago.To me the answer is simple, we are effective when we do the right things, we are efficient when we do things the right way. On the 24th of

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Being effective and being efficient

January 5, 2023


We hosted the 2023 Market Outlook on 4-Jan-2023 to lay out, in simple terms, what’s affecting the global market right now, how it affects you, and what are some areas you can still find opportunities in 2023. Here’s a recording of the session: Register for the next webinar >> HERE Chat with us to find

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2023 Market Outlook: in Layman’s Terms

December 16, 2022


With a looming recession, many are more conservative when it comes to investing their money in the financial market. However, the nature of the financial market is that – there is always a sector that is performing or trending better than the rest, even in a bear market. In this article, we are going to look

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How to capitalise on trending sectors in 2023 [for the layman ]

November 24, 2022


A poll we did recently has shown that more people prefer Mutual Funds to ETFs.Mutual Funds (in Malaysia most refer it as unit trusts) do seem easier to get into than ETFs. But, when we take other factors into account, is it really much better?Let’s take a look at the comparisons between them – do take

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How are Mutual Funds and ETFs different?

November 21, 2022


We are soft-launching a new course, Investing Made Simple with ETF – the simplest course for busy people to get started in the stock market! What is Investing Made Simple with ETF about? It is our very first lifetime Self-Paced course where you can learn at your own pace and practice with live monthly group tutorial

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[NEW COURSE] Investing Made Simple with ETF

October 27, 2022


Join tonight’s webinar hosted by Rakuten Trade where the speakers will deep dive into everything you should know about NYSE / NASDAQ in the coming months and some useful short-term trading strategies. Get insights on: Upcoming Opportunities and Risks on the U.S. markets Short-Term Investment Strategies Technical Stock Picks ​Click “GOING” to get notified.​ 27

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Join our founder Kathlyn Toh in U.S. market outlook webinar with Rakuten Trade

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