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Which stock market do you cover?


Almost all the case studies in our program are based on the U.S. stock market.  We chose U.S. stock market because we believe that it is the best choice if you are looking for consistent returns.  Besides, the U.S. stock market is relatively much more transparent than the other markets, so it provides a wealth of information that you need to learn the ropes of investing and trading.  Most of the well known global companies are listed in the U.S. stock market, that also means you will likely be dealing with companies you are familiar with. With that said, the skills that you learn from the program can definitely be applied in any markets, be it Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, U.K. etc.

Is there any age limit or requirement for the course?


There is no age limit or requirement. The youngest student we had was 11 years old when he joined us.  He was brilliant and he was able to comprehend a significant part of the course.  However, we do recommend that you are at least 18 years old or above. Our oldest student was over 70 years old. The more important thing is do you have the aptitude and patience to learn, and the time to practice. The other important factor is your ability to use computers and softwares - if you intend to manage your investment and trading yourself.  If you don't have much experience in handling computers - you will find it more challenging to execute what you have learnt - because you also have to get familiar with how to use a computer and the softwares. One more thing - all our courses are conducted in English at the moment.  So you need to have good understanding of English to follow the course.

I am not familiar with computers, can I still trade well myself?


If you trade or invest online - it requires you to be familiar with how to use the computer and also the software required, so that you don't make mistakes that cost you money. What kind of computer proficiency is needed? A good benchmark is Microsoft Excel - if you have worked with Microsoft Excel before and no problem doing formulas, creating charts etc., chances are you will have no problem handing online trading and investing. Having said that - we also had successful students who were not familiar with computers when they started.  If you are in that category, just bear in mind that you will have to put in extra effort and patience to learn how to operate computers and the required software.  As long as you are willing to do that - you can succeed in due time. If you have a "technology phobia", however, it is best that you find ways to overcome that before deciding whether you want to handle your account yourself.  You can always look for fund manager to manage your investment.  Our programs will still equip you with the knowledge to assess whether your fund managers are making the right decisions for you.

How are the Courses or Programs of Beyond Insights different compared to what is offered out there?

The courses and programs we offer will give you the best chance of success because of the following distinctions:

  • Most experienced coaches. Our programs are facilitated by a team of full-time investors and traders who invest and trade for a living, with many years of experience in the financial market. That means you will be taught by people with real experience and actual results, who are doing it because they actually love teaching and enjoy imparting their knowledge to you.
  • Most complete curriculum. Because of our experience, we offer the most comprehensive education in financial market investment and trading you can find in Malaysia - we cover the width and depth of subjects like growth investing, fundamental & technical analysis, swing trading, trend trading, intraday trading.  We also teach how to use leverage instruments like CFD and Options safely.  Most importantly we also cover trading psychology, and we are still the only one in Asia to hold a trading psychology Bootcamp.
  • Most effective support. Having trained and coached more than 5,000 students in the Asia region and we know what it takes for students to succeed. We understand that every individual is different and will face different challenges in their learning process - e.g. time constraint, ability to use a computer, learning capacity. That's the reason we provide hands-on tutorial sessions after you complete every workshop, to make sure we are there to guide you every step of the way. But that's not it - even after you complete the workshop and tutorial sessions, there are still student gatherings, revision sessions, and online learning sessions to help you keep the learning and momentum going, and to take your success to the next level.

How do I know whether Investing and Trading in the Stock Market is really for me?


The truth is you will never know for sure until you do it. The more interest and passion and motivation you have for this subject - the better your chances of success are. The more effort you can consistently put into learning and practicing - the faster you will get results.  It is the same as any other career. But here's our answer to more specific questions that we normally get:

  • Question: But I don't have enough money to start investing yet.

    Answer: You can get started already if you have enough to begin learning. While it is relatively easy to earn a small income consistently, it can take years for one to master the subject and make himself or herself a millionaire. We start schooling at the age of 7, but we don't get our first actual paycheque until about 21 years old. While the learning curve for Investment and Trading is certainly much shorter with the right education - you must be prepared to start as early as possible (if you want to reach your financial goals as fast as possible).

  • Question: But I think I am too old to learn...

    Answer: What we know is that we've had students at the age of '60s who did well, so don't judge yourself too "early".

  • Question: But I don't know anything about the stock market or investing.

    Answer: We designed our programs assuming you know nothing about the stock market or investing, we have supplement materials and sessions to bring you up to speed.

A great way to find out whether stock market is suitable for you - join our Global Investing Made Simple seminar.  You will understand what it takes to be successful and then you can decide whether you want to take it up.

How fast can I get rich with Investing and Trading, compared to other methods like property investment, internet marketing, etc.?

This is NOT a get rich quick scheme. It will take your commitment to learn, determination to execute your knowledge and the discipline to manage risk properly. It normally takes a person about 2 to 3 years to achieve positive consistent results, assuming consistent effort is put in to practicing what you have learnt.  It is normal to go through months of ups and downs in your results before you achieve consistency. Your result will vary from the level of commitment you can put into your financial future. Some people can make do with 12%-15% a year, some people will aim for 5%-10% a month. The most important advice we want to give everyone is to find a strategy that can match your current level of commitment, and you can change your strategy as your level of commitment changes in the future. With Beyond Insights programs you will learn strategies that you can use for different level of commitments in different stages of life, that's why we call it a "life-time knowledge".

Who will be teaching the courses?

Our Founder, Chief Trainer and Coach - Ms Kathlyn Toh will personally conduct most the workshops, with the assistance of the coaches. The tutorials will be conducted mostly by our team of coaches.