About Gabriel Voon

I am a full time investor and trader with many years of experience in Stocks, Options, CFD, Currencies and also Futures.

In my “younger” days I have travelled around the world, ran a few businesses and consulted for organizations. But none of those experience beats what I am going through now – when I am truly enjoying my time, location and financial freedom.

You see – I am blessed with two wonderful kids (both of them boys) in recent years, and with my current life style I am able to spend as much time as I want with them. And that’s the wonderful thing about investing and trading – it’s a skill that never goes outdated, and a skill that can generate income for us anytime, anywhere.

When we meet I would like to share my stories with you, and also the ups and downs I’ve been through before discovering the “secrets” to investing and trading well. It is my wish that everyone I cross path with will also learn about this wonderful vehicle of wealth, and be able to achieve their financial goals with the shortest path possible by leveraging on our experience – the Beyond Insights way.

Gabriel Voon - Senior Coach of Beyond Insights

Gabriel Voon, Senior Coach of Beyond Insights.