About Jaren Goh

I have been trading the market for 20+ years and a full time trader now since I left my job in a multi-national company.

I believe trading is the best business you can ever find in the planet Earth. To me, why bother to own a McDonald’s store when you can actually buy a McDonald’s stocks and switch over to Coca-cola stocks or Starbucks stocks at anytime you like? I take full responsibility for every trade I make. I like to ask myself “how can I make it work” instead of “it doesn’t work for me” in trading.

My favorite tag line is “The Market is Always there”.

I am eager to coach anyone who believe in themselves and willing to put in 200% commitment / effort to improve themselves in trading. I enjoy helping others to become “consistent” traders.

If I were to write a book, I will call it “The KEY to be successful in trading is keeping the losses small”.

My advise to the new trader - get yourself a Trading Plan! “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail”!.

Jaren Goh, Senior Coach of Beyond Insights

Jaren Goh, Head Coach of Beyond Insights.