About Jaren Goh

Our Head Coach, Jaren Goh has been trading the market for 20+ years and he become a full time trader after he left his job in a multinational company.


He believes that trading is the best business one can ever find on the planet Earth. He once said: “Why bother to own a McDonald’s store when you can actually buy a McDonald’s stocks and switch over to Coca-cola stocks or Starbucks stocks at any time you like?” 


He always take full responsibility for every trade that he makes and he always tells himself “how can I make it work” instead of “it doesn’t work for me” in trading.


Jaren’s favorite tagline is “The Market is Always there”.

He is eager to coach anyone who believes in themselves and willing to put in 200% commitment and effort to improve themselves in trading. He enjoys helping others to become “consistent” traders.


If he were to write a book, He will name it “The KEY to be successful in trading is keeping the losses small”.


Jaren’s advice to the new trader:

“Get yourself a Trading Plan & Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail!”

Jaren Goh, Senior Coach of Beyond Insights

Jaren Goh, Head Coach of Beyond Insights.