About Jeffery Chan

Our Senior Trainer, Jeffery started to earn his wealth from the stock market since 2010. Before he became a full-time investor & trader, he was employed in the corporate banking industry for 11 years.


The reason that got him started to invest in the stock market is to be able to quit the rat race and spend more time with his family.


Even though he has a financial background with many years of corporate banking experience, it doesn’t get him on track smoothly… He started learning the basics of investing and trading from scratch, and he also made all the mistakes rookies make when he first started.


Jeffery joined Beyond Insights as a student in 2015. His result was not consistent until he attended Master Trader Bootcamp (MTB) in 2016. Thereafter, he started to see improvement in his trading and also an improvement in how he handled adversity in the stock market.


He thinks that mundane, consistent, and thorough preparation is the key to success in investing and trading. As a trader or investors, we need to embrace the randomness of the market and accept the reality of trading as well.


In 2015, he left his job to become a full-time trader & investor. He is now able to spend more time with his family and hobbies (badminton, football, chess & watching movies). The decision he made a few years back pays off and he is now able to fulfill his financial goals - to own a dream home and to provide the best education for his son. 


His proudest achievement in life is becoming a father and a role model for his son. The next thing to do from his bucket list is to make a trip to watch a live Liverpool football match at Anfield. 🙂

Jeffery’s favourite quotes:

“Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right.”

“Don’t argue with the market. It is always right,

even when it is wrong!”

Jeffery Chan, Senior Trainer of Beyond Insights.