About Kevin Hoi

Our Senior Coach, Kevin Hoi was born and bred in a small kampong (village) town of Kuala Lipis, home of Pahang durian. He was blessed with an education in England majoring in Accounting & Finance. Being in the world of balance sheets, profit and loss has kept him interested in the world of finance ever since.


Practicing as an accountant in a photo imaging company, gaining business skills and subsequently becoming a business owner in the beauty & slimming industry has equipped him with many life skills especially in the area of managing people.


With the intention of finding work meaning, he joined a financial planning company and became a Registered Financial Planner licensed by Bank Negara Malaysia. His interpersonal and selling skills were polished and he enjoyed sharing with people.


He loves freedom - financial, time and location freedom. With that, he started options trading in 2008. His first guru then did not teach money management, fundamental or technical analysis. Relying only on chart indicators, he soon realized that this is akin to gambling especially without a trading plan, after joining Beyond Insights as a student back in 2010.


His years of learning and trading experience with Beyond Insights has taught him that trading successfully is a journey of learning and self discovery.

“It is essential to have a strong faith and believe in yourself that you will succeed, whatever it takes. Now that I am a trading coach, I believe by sowing the seed of mentoring to our students will reap the fruits of wisdom in trading for me and them.”

Kevin's trading philosophy is “Containing Losses is 90% of the battle”.

“It is not how much money you make when you are right but how little you lose when you are wrong that determines your long term success in trading.” – George Soros.

Kevin Hoi, Senior Coach of Beyond Insights.