About Koot

Our Senior Trainer, Koot was from the historical town of Melaka. He owns a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering and has more than 20 years of experience working in the Oil & Gas industry - from sales to his last role in regional Supply Chain Planning.

He started his active trading journey in 2014 after the completion of the Beyond Insights program. Later on, he felt that others would and should benefit from the very same programs that he took, so he took up coaching & training responsibilities to help others. He believes that he will be able to help others since he had once been in the same shoes.

Since 2017, he has been coaching over 1,000 students in the foundation programs. Currently, he is also one of our Program Managers helping with program development and enhancement.

“Don't focus on money; Understand and follow the process diligently;” These are the principles that Koot works by as a trader.  Even in his previous work, he was the process focal person for the supply chain planning so following process in Trading is not alien to him.

In order to succeed in stock market investing and trading, he believes that there are a few critical factors that investors & traders need to know, he explains further:

“I believe proper education is the basic foundation of investing and trading success. Many people vie for career success and they choose the best universities to study. However, when come to investing & trading they believe that they can learn all from the internet.

You would not trust your life and health to a self-proclaimed “doctor” who learned medicine from the internet so why would you risk your hard-earned money in the same way?

The next hurdle is after one has learned the basics, they think it will be an overnight success and they will be a millionaire overnight. Compared to other professions, investing and trading seem to promise easy and fast money. Let's get it straight - clicking to buy and sell on the mouse takes only 1 second but knowing when to click takes years of practice. Just like a surgeon - using a blade is very fast but when and what to cut is a whole different thing.

The last one is the psychology and mental make-up. One can have all the skills but yet not be able to do them correctly. Greed & fear gets in the way. This is especially true for investing and trading where when in just a split second your inner demons take over, the results will turn out differently. The problem is that it is only a thin line between doing it right or giving in to greed and fear. Sometimes it is hard to know which is which. Only when you are able to confront and overcome them, then you will get the success that you are after.”

Outside of trading and investing, Koot identifies himself as an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys hiking and biking. One of his proudest achievements was able to indulge and continue in his childhood dream - Astronomy!

He enjoys home repairs and DIY projects whenever he has free time at home. One fun fact about Koot is that: He likes to walk his dogs whenever he feels stressed. 

Koot’s advice to the new traders: 

“Focus on the skill foundation and not look for shortcuts - with that you will be able to manage any challenges life or the market throw at you.”

Koot, Senior Trainer of Beyond Insights.