One of the biggest and “baddest” misconceptions with investing in the stock market…

…is that people think they don’t have enough capital to generate life-changing returns.

But here’s the truth.

When Kathlyn Toh, our chief trainer first started off, she didn’t have that much capital either.

Yet in just a few years , she managed to grow her investment capital by over 300%, albeit with a lot of dedication and discipline, plus hard lessons as well

Let me be fully honest, if she just invested in traditional stocks, these returns would not be possible.

In reality, she used a little known ‘secret’ leverage tool…

…that allowed her to multiply her returns by up to 5x.

This tool is called CFD, or Contract For Difference.

How does it work?

Say for example you buy ABC shares, and the stock price goes up 10%.

If you were to buy the ordinary shares of the ABC, a 10% increase will give you a 10% increase in your investment.


…if you were to buy the CFD of ABC, a 10% increase can give you an increase of between 30% and 50% on your investment.

That’s one of the reasons Kathlyn managed to use a small amount of capital to attain life-changing returns.

So what are some other things you should know about CFDs?

Firstly, CFDs can allow you to profit when the share price goes up like normal shares…

…but you can also buy CFDs that allow you to profit when the market goes DOWN.

So if you think the market might go down in the near future, you can take a CFD position that’ll actually allow you to profit from it.

The other great benefit of CFDs is that it allows you to ‘buy a stock’ with a much smaller amount of capital.

You only need to pay a small percentage of the full share price…

…and enjoy the benefits of owning the stock.

You even get dividends!

Now, before you get too excited, let me warn you: there’s a downside:

While you stand to gain more with less capital using CFDs…

…if the stock price goes against your position…

…your losses are also multiplied.

That’s why having a proper strategy on how to use CFDs in the stock market is critical.

Too many beginners, armed with only a small amount of information, have had their hard-earned money wiped out quickly.

Most people don’t know the safe way of using CFDs to invest.

The good news is, Kathlyn has been trading for almost 2 decades and has seen it all…

…booms, corrections, crashes and sideways markets.

If you’re willing to invest a few hours of your time at her upcoming free seminar, she’d be happy to explain in detail how CFDs can multiply your returns…

…and give you a strategy to minimise your risk of losses.

Come and discover a profitable and low-risk investment system that makes CFDs work properly for you.

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PS. Make no mistake, the best person to manage your savings is you…because NO ONE cares more about your money.

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