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Investing successfully? Habits Of Successful And Unsuccessful People [infographics]

By Terence Teoh on 19th October 2014 in Blog Posts

Investing successfully is about making wise choices with our emotions and actions.We make choices every day.  We choose every action we take, even every emotion we feel!  Question is – how do we choose?  Do we choose to be successful or unsuccessful?

Success Story has put together an insightful infographic that helps in identifying our choices.


Successful vs. Unsuccessful people - success habits for investing and trading

How does this relate to success in investing or trading?

If you consider investing and trading a lifetime career, in the steps you take – you will face all kinds of emotions.  Yet, it is in how we choose our response that makes a world of difference!

Are these what you tell yourself?

1. I am good in managing my money.

2. I can be an excellent investor.

3. I can be a successful investor in the stock market.



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