On 16-Dec-2020, Beyond Insights received the "Made for The World" International Award from Niagatimes.com with the support of Top 10 of Asia publication.

Part of an entrepreneur empowerment program that recognises the achievements of entrepreneurs in Malaysia who actively conduct businesses through e-commerce, exports and online in penetrating the international market - the award is introduced to appreciate the contribution of economic heroes to the business industry, especially their commitment to help generate national income during the Covid-19 pandemic.

"These economic hero's persevered through difficult times while still contributing to national income, which enables there product and business to remain relevant locally and globally." said Niagatimes.

Beyond Insights team would like to thank Niagatimes and Top 10 Asia for their recognition and support.  We also greatly appreciate all our graduates who has trusted their education in us and our team of coaches and staff who has worked hard to give the best to our students, especially in the challenging year of 2020.

Thank you!

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