We are soft-launching a new course, Investing Made Simple with ETF – the simplest course for busy people to get started in the stock market!

What is Investing Made Simple with ETF about?

It is our very first lifetime Self-Paced course where you can learn at your own pace and practice with live monthly group tutorial sessions.

You will also be supported to continue your investing journey with BiTS – your personalized investment tracker, our in-house ETF watchlist, access to the investor community Facebook group, and more.

The best thing is, there is no expiry to the course!

What are ETFs, and Why Should I Invest in ETFs?

ETFs = Exchange Traded Funds. When you invest in ETFs, you are investing in a group of great companies that are already pre-selected by fund managers, so that

(1) It takes the research work out of you, and
(2) You are naturally diversified

That’s why, this course is the EASIEST way for 2 types of people to start investing in the stock market

(1) The busy people who don’t have time; or
(2) The people who aren’t sure if stock market trading and investing is for them and prefer to test the waters first