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How much money do you need to accumulate before you can retire and be financially independent?  Find out using this simple calculator.

Retirement Calculator

25 100
25 100
0.00 5.00
25 100
I have 20 years before retirement to accumulate:
so that I can live another 20 years spending $173,387 a year.

How the calculation is done:

How much do you need to retire?1. The formula to calculate your Annual Expenditure after retirement is: (Your Current Annual Expenditure x 80%) x (1 + Inflation Rate in %)ˆYears to Retirement.
2. Most financial advisors agree that after you retire your annual expenditure will generally be 20% lower. Hence the amount needed after retirement is calculated based on 80% of your current annual expenditure.
3. For inflation rate in various countries – refer
4. For life expectancy statistics in various countries: refer


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