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Sharing from Power Investing Graduates

Sharing from Power Investing Graduates


Beyond Insights Investment and Trading Education - What did our Graduates say?

Trading for Consistent Success 2012 - Graduate Testimony

Trading for Consistent Success 2010 - Sharing by Participants

  • "It has been a good journey after attending the CFD course. Though it's only a short 1.5 months of trading journey, I would say that it's an interesting and comfortable trading experience (bull market probably help with journey) compared to other instruments that I've put my hands in. I've achieved a 58% gain on my capital while following money management rules. Sincerely thanks all of you for the whole hearted coaching and support."
    ~ KY Sou, Graduate of Power CFD workshop
  • I have invested US stocks and traded options for over 10 years. I learnt selling naked put for both monthly and weekly options and has wiped out my entire account in just one occasion event with over 7 serial profitable attempts. After that incident i focus on stock investment like buying Apple and Intel stocks for long term paying full stock price and occasionally traded call options over earning. I often see my profits eroded at market dip and some stocks just barely break event event after 1 years. After I attended Power Investing, Smart CFD and Smart options, it is really a game changer. I used CFD to multiply on swing and trend trading at good time and closed all positions and use CFD on day trading at very volatile and uncertain markets. Also, I effectively use options and options combo such as BULL CALL and CALL options to trade over earning with proper expiry, strike prices and delta calculation and my success rate improve with over 50% success rate. The money management and follow rules really helps to prevent me from over trading and over risking. The recent example was I closed all FB position just a day before earning announcement and this helped me avoided over $4k of losses due to gap down. Instead, I profited a couple of hundreds dollar after the gap down using CFD intraday trade by catching bottom.
    ~ Robinson on Professional Traders program
  • "Priceless. Very empowering and gives a paradigm shift in the mental block of trading."
    ~ Satwant Singh on Trading for Consistent Success workshop
  • "It was a great experience. Brought some realities on trading for me and put the whole thing in perspective. I also gained va luable insights into myself."
    ~ Md Ikhram on Trading for Consistent Success Workshop
  • "Eye Opener for me in screening stocks, very methodological. Excellent value for money."
    ~ Abu Zarim Malik on Power Investing workshop
  • "Beyond Insights's Power Investing program was so effective that it not just apply to US stock market but also our local stock exchange. I have make my profits by just utilising what i have learned. The knowledge allows me to screen potential good stocks and most important buy and sell at the right timing. I would highly recommend for people who want to earn money yet pursuing freedom of time."
    ~ KH Poon on Power Investing workshop