Female empowerment is a crucial topic across the globe, from workspace to education, social issues and politics. In the trading and investing space, successful traders are mostly represented by males in the media. Our founder, Kathlyn, is among the rare female traders who have achieved remarkable success in this field.

According to BURSA statistics, women traders are on the rise, with close to 30% of the trade value in 2021 made by female traders, which is a 178% increase from 2018. At Beyond Insights, we are also seeing a similar trend, where in the more recent years, we have more female students, and to date, half of our students are females.

To continue spreading investing and trading education to more females, we have hosted a series of videos and interviews in March to spread this awareness, which are compiled below:

  1. We explored on the topic surrounding How Can Busy Working Women Be More Successful in the Stock Market

2. Empowering Women, Empowering Communities interview with Women of Will

3. Video series on Important Attributes of Successful Female Traders, inputs from our student affairs officers who are also active traders.

4. How Can A Working Mom Also Be Successful in Trading and Investing (Mandarin sharing)

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