Join us on to explore the Financial Market Multiverse on 1-2 April 2023.  


You are overwhelmed with all kinds of financial markets training out there that tells all kinds of “this is the best” stories.

You are confused about how one financial asset is different from another, for example - Stocks vs Forex.

You are unsure whether investing or trading in the financial market is something worth pursuing to grow your wealth.


You want to find out which financial assets/instruments suit you the best - in terms of starting capital, time commitment, risk appetite, personality and etc before you put effort into it.


It’s time to get out of the fog and get clarity on how you can achieve your financial goals.

Not tomorrow. Not next year. NOW.

Without clarity...

You may continue on with procrastination;

You may take on an asset that doesn’t fit you;

You may fail and give up on investing/trading;

But when you have the clarity...

You can start taking action;

You can make an informed decision;

You can pick the best for yourself and persist;

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