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For Busy People – how to grow your investment in stock market with little time?

By Terence Teoh on 23rd August 2015 in Tips for Success


The site has consistantly explained that Stock market investing is the biggest and best way to earn money today; however it is not as simple as it appears. It also takes effort, determination and a good business mindset to succeed. The truth is anyone has the ability to become an investor or trader and earn a profitable return consistently – if they know the “secret”.

There Is No Hidden Secret for Stock Market Trading Success

You probably think successful traders who are earning millions every year have some well-hidden secret but in reality, they don’t!  In the stock market world, there is no holy grail. When you invest, you take a risk but it isn’t all about getting a lucky break, it’s about learn trading techniques making a smart move.

You Cannot Be Over Aggressive

Being over aggressive and throwing almost all of your capital into one investment is a big risk. You cannot take the chance and you cannot be so forceful. You need to slow down, carefully analyze what stocks you’re interested in and carefully look at whether they have the potential to offer you a return. Stock market invest is all about checking before investing and it can save a lot of hassle and cash.

Constant Addition to Trading Accounts

The real key to growing your account and earning more money is to add to it. Add extra cash to your trading account, whenever it is possible. At the end of each year, take out $1000 from a saving account, if you have that much, and put it into your trading account. You can easily grow your account this way and if you trade with the cash carefully you could see a good return every year too. Stock market trading needs good capital to succeed.

Have Sustainable Goals

You may not believe it but setting out certain goals is an important step for success with stock market invest. You simply cannot get anywhere without careful planning and preparation. This means you need to set out what your financial goals are each month and year and it will soon allow you to grow your account fast.

Choosing the Right Stocks Is Vital

If you really want to grow your trading account in little time then you absolutely must look at how you trade and what stocks you’re choosing. Are you choosing stocks that are generating income but by only a small percentage? Are you choosing stocks that you’re taking a loss on? It’s time to re-evaluate the stocks you’re choosing. Learn trading patterns and understand your success rates too.

Consider Using CFD’s To Grow Accounts

You could also look at the contract for a difference as a method to grow your trading account in little time. These still offer some risk, but it’s only the upfront fee usually 2% to 5%, but the returns could be ten times as much. That offers you the potential to increase how much you can earn and of course, it means increasing your stock market invest account in very little time too. It might not be by huge amounts, but every little helps in the market.

Don’t Gamble Too Much On One Stock

It’s an obvious point to make but still, you can easily be tempted to put more than half of your overall capital on one stock. This is never a good idea and it won’t help grow your trading account quickly too. In fact, this is the fastest way to lose everything simply because it’s too much of a gamble. There are no guarantees and no one should risk more than 2% of your capital. You cannot grow your stock market trading account when you gamble too much of your capital on one stock.

Learn To Trade Successfully

Any trader or investor needs to take the time to train and auto-educate ones-self. That must be the key factor to remember because education is important to successful trading. This doesn’t mean you must be a college major but rather take the time to learn about the stock market and what techniques or methods will work best. There will always be a risk but sometimes, it’s possible to manage your trading risks by limiting your trading amounts. If you take the time to learn trading, you can succeed.


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