When we started this service 2 years ago, we did it at an introductory low price that did not cover our cost. Our Senior Coach Jaren has been doing it as a free service to make sure our students can trade well.  After 2 years – we noticed this service should stay for the long term as it has benefited a lot of our students. Hence, we have to adjust the price to sustain it in the long run.

Since July 2015 all new subscriptions started with the new rates, an email was sent then on the price change. However, your subscription still continued at the old rates until the end of 2015.  Now that we are nearing the end of 2015, we are reminding you about the price change.

Should you wish to continue your subscription, below is our new pricing.

  • RM32.25 / week 
  • RM89 / month (saving you RM40 / month)  
  • RM839 / year (saving you RM229 / year)

Please click on the button below to re-subscribe, kindly do so by 15th January 2016 if you wish to continue the subscription with no interruptions.

[button colour=”orange” type=”slightlyroundedarrow” size=”large” link=”https://www.beyondinsights.net/student-area/weekly-technical-review-subscription/” target=”_blank”]SUBSCRIBE NOW[/button]


If you wish to discontinue your subscription, there is no action required on your side. Your subscription will be automatically terminated upon next renewal.  You will receive your last video on 11th January 2016.  

In the event you have received an email from PayPal – Cancellation of recurring payments. Do not be alarmed, we are un-registering you from your old payment package. You will still be receiving your videos until 11th January 2016. 

In case you have not watched the video for a while, here’s a reminder of what the service is about:

On a weekly basis, our Senior Coach will go through selected stocks in our Top 15 Star Stocks list to show you:


  1. Overall Market Trends
  2. Trends of Our 15 Growth Stocks
  3. Potential Trend Reversals
  4. Price Breakouts
  5. Interim vs. Key Support / Resistance
  6. Next Levels of Support / Resistance
  7. Essential Price Pattern
The review session will be posted as a video before U.S. market open every Monday so you can prepare for the week ahead.

You can get more details here

From Beyond Insights Team

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